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assignment front page border designs

Page borders are known to make any document more attractive and beautiful. The document could either be a computer print-out or a scrap-book page. Borders may be required around the information or an image or the entire page itself. Whatever be the need it is essential to remember not to go overboard with them.

Some individuals feel that more the variety of borders better is the look of the page. But this is not so. You have to ensure that the border does not make the page look cluttered; it should be able to complement the page and heighten its visual appeal. The focal point of the page should be the center of attraction and page borders should be able to ensure that!

How to Download Page Borders:

  • The first image of the page is in full resolution – you can right click on your mouse and choose the save image option
  • To download other images of the page – please click on the image and go to the specific page for that image and do the step 1.